City Art Now_ Tribute to '142' photo exhibition

 Samos, Karlovassi, Talambekos Tannery
142 by Chrysostomos Galathris
The inspiration behind “142” exhibition lays in the photographer's personal experiences while growing up in Karlovassi; a town with a rich industrial heritage and evident landmarks of former glory. He developed a fondness for all those decadent buildings which were on the verge of collapse, taking all the memories and people’s stories with them.
The title of the exhibition refers to the number of people that participated in the project; friends, acquaintances, residents of Karlovassi who were inspired by the theme and accepted the artist's invitation to become part of this photoshooting.
The photographer recreates scenes from a past that is not accurately defined but has distinctive references to the era of the town’s heyday. People of the past are presented alive, imperishable, almost immortal, more memories than flesh and blood, within spaces of decay and abandonment. Thus, the message that Chrysostomos wants to convey is the persistence of memory to come back despite the obstacles of time, decay and decadence.