Chrysostomos Galathris was born and lives in Karlovasi,Samos.From a very young age he was charmed by imagery.He took pleasure in drawing and was always mesmerized by colours,shapes and pattern.His initial attempts in drawing were gradually developed in a desire to capture and depict the moment which led him in photography.What fascinated him the most was the realization that photography is a way of seizing 'eternity'.



He studied in FOCUS ART SCHOOL OF ATHENS and graduated in 2012.He has displayed 3 personal exhibitions so far.Pictures from his journey in China in 2010 and Aroma Polis in 2012 which depicts his impression of the multicultural Constantinople.His last exhibition was in August 2014 with the title "142",the initiation for which was his experience of the town he lives,Karlovasi Samos.



He has also taken part in a lot of collective exhibitions and was awarded with 6 photography prizes in Greece,London and the USA.


Mass media,mainly in Greece,like ATHENS VOICE, 'Photographer' magazine,ARTCOREMAGAZINE and the newspaper EGE TELEGRAPH in Izmir Turkey,have often referred to his work .